"(An Evening at the Brink Lounge) summons up a later era of Djangology--the small groups with Rostaing on clarinet--and is an exuberant live performance (nicely recorded)--fine solos and hot rhythm from everyone. I admired Caravan's first CD and this one is just as delightful."
Michael Steinman, Cadence Magazine

"Original, energetic and really talented... I love their sound!"
Jonathan Overby, Host of WPR's Higher Ground Radio Show"

Very, very nice! I got your new CD (An Evening at the Brink Lounge) a couple days ago and I am still listening to it in my car."

Alain Cola of Dell Arte Guitars

"I had very positive feedback from the patrons I talked to. Several of them mentioned to me that they weren't sure what to expect, but they liked what they heard. I think your group worked very well for our cabaret space. The music is quite accessible and easy listening, relaxing. Obviously, you and your players are quite skilled and very talented--patrons were impressed."
Tom Robbins
Schauer Arts and Activities Center 

"The audience stood up and cheered! That does not happen after every concert so you can feel extra sure that we loved you guys."
Gigi Macasaet
Presenter, Greenman Music Hall

"It was a pleasure to present Caravan as part of our series. The audience appreciated the excellent musicianship of this group! For many in our audience, this was their first exposure to Gypsy swing music and they really enjoyed it. We really enjoyed meeting all of you and your group was such an easy group with whom to work! Our best wishes to you as you continue to present Gypsy Swing music."
Carolyn White
President, Verona Area Performing Arts Series

"Caravan transfixed a jazz loving crowd in the Windhover Center for the Arts Great Hall. Fond du Lac is home for great jazz, and CGSE did not disappoint. A performance style in the tradition of Django Reinhardt, Caravan's artistic excellence was on display throughout the evening. The band brought the appreciative crowd to its feet amidst a clamor for a return engagement. On behalf of the entire Windhover Center, we look forward to the future return of CGSE with another outstanding concert!"
Kevin Miller
Exec Director, Windhover Center for the Arts

"Very nice CD. I have been playing it for a couple of days."
Alain Cola of Dell Arte Guitars, March 2009

"Caravan is entirely competent, with Ruppenthal and Fila displaying mastery of Django's virtuosic style."
Michael Steinman, Cadence Magazine, May 2008

"None of the music is a radical departure from that performed by Django Reinhardt, but it also is not a mere imitation of past recordings. There is enough unpredictability and chance taking to make this a CD well worth searching for."
Scott Yanow, freelance jazz writer, February 2008

"The songs have an au naturale feel and complementing arrangements. Their debut album is a celebration of old-time jazz forms..."
Susan Frances, Jazzreview.com

"A recent Thursday evening at the Brink Lounge found the great local combo Caravan on stage, and their sophisticated, Django Reinhardt-inspired music perfectly fit the mood of the room, in which well-dressed men and women were quietly sipping wine."
Kenneth Burns, Isthmus Newspaper

"Articulate speed with control and loads o swing characterize this group of local rebels. They'll transport you to a land of slow moving covered wagons, incense and dancing."
Prentice Berge, Restaurant Magnus

"Ruppenthal's quick-stringed guitar meshes perfectly with upright bassist Kevin Tipple, clarinetist Timm Gould and guitarist Ed Fila."
Aaron Conklin, Isthmus Newspaper

"In addition to being great to work with, Caravan really knows their stuff. They drew the audience in with expert playing and just enough history to bring the songs to life."
Jon Hain, Owner of Mother Fool's Coffeehouse